Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well, Thanksgiving came and went with much food and some friends. The week seems to have sped by at a rapid pace. It is time to pull everything together for the last group of pilgrims for the year. As 2008 comes to a close I am left with an odd feeling... mixed feelings too. While I really do enjoy the work I do, I just am not feeling the love. In other words, I do such a consistently good job that no one seems to take notice anymore. The fear that has everyone worried has not helped... so the economy is down the drain. Those who should be worried are the CEO's and Owners of companies... they are the ones not making the extra 5 million this coming year like they had hoped. If they invested poorly, they may even lose a million or two. So I ask why is the average executive so upset? If you make less than $250,000 a year you will not even notice... After all you not being able to buy the new Lexus next year is really low on your CEO's worry list...if at all.

The real truth is that this is the times when savvy people make more wealth for themselves.

Enough with the economics lesson... my feelings of neglect will lead me to a more profitable position for myself. When I am happy I do not look for new opportunities...shame on me... when I am unhappy like now, I look each and every day for something better. As much as I like what I do... there is always something I will like better out there if I just look for it.

My advise is never burn your bridges (wolves are not chasing you) but do not be afraid to cross new one.


Anonymous said...

Besides, bridges made out of stone are notoriously hard to burn!! *giggle*

Might I add to your notes that sometimes we also find that bigger and better thing that we think we must have makes us long for what we gave up to get it. Life is a tradeoff.

PS I need to talk to you and get a male perspective on someting when you have time :)

Yeah I know, Becki is weird!!
Blah :P


Anonymous said...

After thinking about your advise I have decided to say that my advice is exactly opposite! LOL Until you have courage to loose sight of shore, you will never know the terror of being forever lost at sea ROTF LOL!!! Seriously, in my life I have seen more often that burning bridges was the healthest action to make (not saying I always made them LOL, but it would ahve been the healthy thing to do LOL)

Popcorn Addict said...

I understand completely! If only those in the 'leadership' position understood that now times are tough but you still need to take care of your may find new employees if the old ones leave but then you create a new environment that may not be the best outcome. Bottom line hard decisions have to be made and there is usually a feeling of what if????

Kenneth said...

Sorry Bec... I was just talking about work not like... work bridges not life bridges...after all wolves may be chasing you in life.... run!

Anonymous said...

wolves chasing me in life :D!! whoo hooo, come on TEAM JACOB!!!! :D Forget burning the bridges, give me some stones and I will bild them a few more :D

Anonymous said...

sorry, that was me - Becki LOL (guess I got a little excited about the concept of being chased by wolves :D