Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yesterday was one of the longest days! After leaving Atlanta in a 15 passenger van that had bad shocks and a shaky driver at 6am .... we arrived for our company's retreat, team building, "what brown can do for you", time to reflex and plan... other wised known as Destin, Florida. I grew up by this place so it was no big surprise, but everyone kept going on about the beaches... well for all my Florida friends this is it! It is a sand-bar in the bay... not on the gulf and not really a beach... no sand castles did I build. The condo was very nice even if they did pack up 4 to a condo (three bed room condo) sorry for the guy on the sofa.... maybe next year man. We had our state of the company talk yesterday and there was really nothing new and last night we had the recognition dinner... it was all sea-food...with one chicken dish. The meal was fine the sales teams worm introductions were heart felt, but the rest was just a little over the top... ok that was an understatement. So afterwards I had two glasses of wine and a beer to easy my spirit and slipped away from what appeared to be an all nighter at Harry T's around midnight. It was good to just get away from the crowd that really included many I would never invite into my own home (followers exception). And now I am getting ready for what I am sure will be a fun filed day of team building craziness.... yea me!

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