Friday, December 19, 2008

I can stop.... Of the top selling cars these are the top fuel economy cars for 2009:

Two Seater Smart Fortwo Coupe
Smart Fortwo Convertible
Minicompact Car Mini Cooper (manual) 28/37
Subcompact Car Toyota Yaris (manual) 29/36
Compact Car Honda Civic Hybrid 40/45
Midsize Car Toyota Prius (hybrid) 48/45
Large Car Hyundai Sonata (automatic) 22/32
Small Station Wagon Volkswagon Jetta Sportwagon (manual, diesel) 30/41
Published by the EPA

Notice that none of them are from US Car Companies! Not one... Ford does make the list below 30 MPG... which is just sad.
Bush said the automakers have faced serious challenges for many years: burdensome costs, a shrinking share of the market and plunging profits. "In recent months, the global financial crisis has made these challenges even more severe," he said. (Yahoo Article)

I love only half the story! Why is it that the news (any news source) only reports one side of the story? What we really need are some new integrity laws for the news organizations. Like those in England... Yes, like most people, I like reading news that supports my own views... but there is only so much cotton candy you can eat before you have had enough.

The US car companies are not making profits because they are not offering products that most Americans want to buy! It does not matter how much something cost. It only matters that it is desired and that the public see a value in the product. Shrinking shares means that more customer desire and see more value in your competitors product. (higher fuel economy, better durability, and better service) Maybe it is time that our car companies take a survey of what is selling and make more of that product... and less of things that are not selling... This is basic business. How many SUVs have to set on the lot before you stop making them? How high does gas prices have to go before you make a 80+ MPG hybrid? They have the technology and have had it for years... Their sells figures should tell them what people are buying and what they are not buying!

Are these low gas prices fooling anyone? We and the gas oil companies have seen that we will, even if we do not like it, pay $4 and $5 per gallon for fuel... It will be there again and sooner than you think.

So ask yourself this: the next car you pick... what are you looking for in it? That is the question the car companies should be asking. The car companies have been giving the oil companies what they want for years... (oil companies recorded the highest profits of any us companies and the car companies can not pay their debts?) I think the oil companies should bail them out not the people... after all that is who has been calling the shots in the car industries for years.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the season! The cards are all addressed, the tree is all together, even the hall is all decked! I fell sorry for you if your shopping is not done for the malls are all packed!

Next week I get to travel south to see the folks. Brian will not get to go this time... He has an appointment on Wednesday right in the middle of the week and I have obligations on both the this weekend and next... I do wish he could be there, but I understand. A friend commented about I seemed down, truth, I am down a little. It has been very cold the last few months and the cold weather alway make me hurt just a little more for the warm beaches of home. That with Christmas and my last visit home was November 2007... I think some of it is home sickness. I know that sounds odd coming from me. If you know my family you know that there is much sadness there and may wonder why I would miss that. Christmas was one of the few times the folks seemed normal and some of my happiest memories are around the season of Yule.

So many things change in life... all the time. I have become a much more open person... It is funny that what is on the outside, is often not a good indicator of what is on the inside. I let so few back home get close to me. Most of them only want to know the Kenny that left 20+ years ago. Sad, he was only a shell of a person... only skin deep. You know, like the protective crust the covers the sherbets in your grandmothers freezer. That shell was to protect a young gay boy from the people and family of a small town... I don't fit into that shell anymore it is like wearing a shirt 2 sizes too small. I have had a good laugh at many of those I went to school with and it seems that all the kids in high school in the 80's are now on facebook... the funny thing is those that join my friends list but them disappear from it a few days later... when they realize I am gay.

Then there is the entire other side of it... money. I have the greediest family... I will not say all of them are... just most. Kevin is not... he had rather do without than ask for help, which is why I do what I can for them often. Most of the others just want my signature on a blank check. My father and step mother accused me of taking a 40, 000 cd that they could not find back when Mom passed! ... this after asking me to sign over 20 acres of Kent farm to him which he turned around and sold to strangers...outside the family without telling me he wanted it to sell! I know what happened the money but I would not tell him... Mom gave it Aunt Silvia who died a few months after Mom... and not that I am on a dirt roll I must stop myself before I get to my brothers three girls.... while it would feel great to get it out. I just do not have the time. I am just going to say: Drug dealing, stripper, drop outs, won't work, living with/off Kevin and Darlene, father of there kid(s) is or has been in jail... that is enough. Those statements apply to more than one of them at a time! They have the nerve to ask for money, a new car, or something else each and every time I see them. It kills me that they will not get jobs and work for money to buy the things they need or want! I do not understand that at all.

Well I feel much better... it is warmer and raining (love the rain) and I got a few things off my chest.... I can breath! It is going to be a great day!

Sorry for those that had to read this session... but thanks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is the current class! Notice that Shurti Buckley joined us for a few days.... nothing like have the Vice President for one of the Marriott Hotel Chains making a trip from DC to see you. I still have my job and the hotel is still a Marriott so I guess we all did well!

She was really great and the hotel managers in my class loved her! I think she will do very well for the Fairfield Brand!

Maybe she'll need a extra person on her Brand Team? (BIG smile)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Missing Home.... The last time I was home on the farm was November 2007... over a year ago now. I have a case of home sickness. Now I know that three days on the farm and I will be more than ready to get the hell out of there, but right now I miss the sights, sounds, and friends there. Most of the homesickness comes from the memories I have of growing up on the Kent farm, but those are just memories and they grow fonder with time. Often the reality of the farm is not as appealing. Plus I just do not have much in common with my family. They dis-owned me for years and it, sad to say, had no effect on my life. I had a difficult childhood. My childhood best friend's Mom and Dad where more family than my own most of the time. At 14 I started working (at the Chipley Motel) just to have more independence from my family. Now that is not to say my parents were not good to me... they gave me everything I could ask for and more. They just did not have any idea how to relate to a gay son. I did not make it easy for them either. I was so full of emotions... and I focused all the negative one on them. They got all the hate and frustration. There was no one they could have turned to for help in such a small town, so they did the best they could. I did the best I could too, I ran as fast and as far as I could as soon as I could. Huntingdon, Chipola, UWF, North Carolina, Alabama, New Orleans, Pensacola, Arizona, Panama ... the list of places goes on and on... Time flies when you are never in the same place more than a few years (or weeks)

Still I get homesick for the farm. Week after next I will make a trip down before Christmas. I so want to go and dread it at the same time. It is hard to make nice while I am there... and harder the older I get. For years now every trip down I end-up with my feeling hurt and not wanting to return for a long time. One of these trips I'll not be able to hold my tongue and say exactly what I feel and think. Then I'll be dis-owned again for 10 more years.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I think I am still on Tuesday!!!! The day did not end.... it just keeps going. Awhhhhhhhhh! Hey we fire at home!!! Brian installed the fire-logs at home in one of the fireplace?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Today the pilgrims are working threir way through the first days progresses. This fair cold day is befome long.