Monday, January 26, 2009

It is once again time to travel. This trip takes me to a place filled with old ghost of the past. Many of them from my own past. As a young man the crescent city was my play ground. A time when money was nothing and adventure was everything... Dianna, Jennine, Sitka, Mike, and so many more their names have slipped away with the passing of time. We were all young then. It seems like another life all together. A time when we did not have to care... our parents took care of everything. Any trouble we found was quickly sent away with their power, influence, connections...but most often their money. It is easy to find trouble in the Big Easy... and even easier to buy your way out of it. I have never been, before or since, someplace so completely corrupt from the bottom to the very top. One dear friend still has a house the French quarter, but he is in Montgomery and can not be there this week. It will be interesting to visit the place my parents insisted was where I wasted my youth again. Since I have no youth left to spare, I'll try not to waste any this trip.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The new President and First Lady! It was exciting to watch history being made... President Obama's acceptance speech was moving and to the point. Of course I really enjoyed a well delivered speech ... it has been 8 years... well more ... all the way back to Reagan since we had a dynamic public speaker in office. You know Bush could not read the teleprompter to save his life.
I am very hopeful about the next four years... even after Obama backed off his equal marriage rights promise. Maybe like the civil rights movement, in another 40 years we'll have equal rights.... separate but equal did not work for African-Americans and Civil Unions will not work for the our minority.
All in all I am very hopeful. Bush's administration set Gay Rights back 10 years and I am very happy to see him out of office.
It is a new Day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The new installation in my iMac collection. I could not stop myself. I should do something about my Mac addiction...

The weather was most cold today! 11 degrees this morning and it warmed up to a almost tropical 22 degrees before starting to fall again! Why can it not do this on a work day?

I so long for a nice warm island somewhere with cute waiters bring me cold tropical drinks with funny names... and taste like fruit smoothies.

It will have to be a dream until after mid year....

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The nerd has to come out now... For all those who do not enjoy nerd stuff please stop reading now.

A few days ago... some friends and I had a little nerd conversation about computers and our first computers and the games we played on them... well I was sure that the 1st game I played was Zork on the Apple ][e... and that it was in the late 70's... My friends shot me down saying it had to be the 80's.

Well, I was right about the date and the game and almost about the computer. It was indeed an Apple but it was an Apple II. Sold in 1978 for an amazing amount even for now, almost $1300.00!

I picked up a copy of the game Zork for my collection a few years ago and when I pulled it out to verify that I had been right... the copy right said 1981.... That too was was incorrect the Game was around between 1977-1979 with no copy right. It was not until Infocom picked it up that a copy right was obtained.

I can rest easy tonight knowing my childhood nerdom memories were correct. Just a bonus for all my nerd friends out there.... the complete early Apple time line...

Oh and I have collected one of each of these fine computers... even the little Lisa.