Saturday, January 03, 2009

The nerd has to come out now... For all those who do not enjoy nerd stuff please stop reading now.

A few days ago... some friends and I had a little nerd conversation about computers and our first computers and the games we played on them... well I was sure that the 1st game I played was Zork on the Apple ][e... and that it was in the late 70's... My friends shot me down saying it had to be the 80's.

Well, I was right about the date and the game and almost about the computer. It was indeed an Apple but it was an Apple II. Sold in 1978 for an amazing amount even for now, almost $1300.00!

I picked up a copy of the game Zork for my collection a few years ago and when I pulled it out to verify that I had been right... the copy right said 1981.... That too was was incorrect the Game was around between 1977-1979 with no copy right. It was not until Infocom picked it up that a copy right was obtained.

I can rest easy tonight knowing my childhood nerdom memories were correct. Just a bonus for all my nerd friends out there.... the complete early Apple time line...

Oh and I have collected one of each of these fine computers... even the little Lisa.


Ailire said...

Hey! I played Zork on a Commodore 64 (and I sucked at it). I gave the 64 to my little brother and he gave it to his girlfriend. *sigh* I also had a Commodor 128, which I think may now be in my garage somewhere.

(My parents said, "Now that you have a house, here's your stuff." I just never looked through it to see what all was delivered. LOL)


Anonymous said...

What was the word game we played on your Commodore?? The one where you tried to put your hands in the lava to get something and the computer would tell you "I don't think so." LOL


Anonymous said...

I thing that was the same game for one of the Zorks (I, II, or III)


Anonymous said...

Dear Ken,
To bad you have a dog now :) I just got an email with a call tomorrow from the recruiters wanting to know if I want to return in Sept for another year in England. I am seriously thinking about it IF I can find a good home for Sara and God says go :). We shall see!!


Anonymous said...

The Dog is not the big deal... it is the 20 year mortgage I signed in July that is holding me back! (and the fact that I could not sell this house in this market to get out of it...I would cry if I had too because I love this house... more than the house on Transmitter.

Anonymous said...

No silly, I ment I would give you my cat :)


Besides, you could still visit :)