Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The new President and First Lady! It was exciting to watch history being made... President Obama's acceptance speech was moving and to the point. Of course I really enjoyed a well delivered speech ... it has been 8 years... well more ... all the way back to Reagan since we had a dynamic public speaker in office. You know Bush could not read the teleprompter to save his life.
I am very hopeful about the next four years... even after Obama backed off his equal marriage rights promise. Maybe like the civil rights movement, in another 40 years we'll have equal rights.... separate but equal did not work for African-Americans and Civil Unions will not work for the our minority.
All in all I am very hopeful. Bush's administration set Gay Rights back 10 years and I am very happy to see him out of office.
It is a new Day!


Anonymous said...

Personally I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst - from my perspective of course which differs VASTLY from yours. But we are still friends anyways LOL!!!


Popcorn Addict said...

I do hope we see some success! I think America (regardless of who are leader is) needs to have a positive change and to this I wish our leader well!