Friday, February 13, 2009

Like most of the world I have been reading these books after the movie came out... ok like most of the world under 21.  I have enjoyed the books so far but they always leave me with a slight depressed feeling.  I have read the first three and the same feeling came after each.  Mrs. Meyer has received much acclaim for her not using sex in teen books.  Being Latter Day (LDS) in faith the fact that her characters are waiting until after marriage to have sex should not have been a big surprise for readers... it was not for me... (Thanks to dating Rebecca Kriser for a few years in High School)  I found the lack of sex refreshing in these books.  

So why do I still feel a little down after each one?  Most likely it is because unlike the real world were divorce is apart of most families and most marriages are arranged for power, wealth, or some other gain, Mrs. Meyer's LDS flavored world is full of true love and the hardest choices are choosing between two true loves.  I know, that was a bit harsh.  Her books are good reads, and I will read them all.  

Now, when I read them I will keep in mind that they are after all fiction.  As much as we all wish for such things to be real... true love not vampires... it is still just fiction.  Not even good little LDS girls and boys will find what Mrs. Meyer is selling in the real world... unless they buy one of her books.


Rebecca at the Well said...

I disagree but only because I have a different defination of true love than you do :) (and it is certianly not what this arthur defines it as either lol)

Wait till you get to the last one and it gets even weirder - but still good :)

Anonymous said...

Naturally we would have different definitions and different views... after all the Sun and the Moon can not see the same things at the same time... even during an eclipse one blocks the others view.


Rebecca at the Well said...

LOLOL that is a great description - and you know what else, they can't function without each other either :) They balance each other.

Love ya sunshine

Rebecca at the Well said...

What, not even a call to wish your best friend happy birthday :P

Hope things are going well for you