Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OK. I have to revise my statements regarding the Twilight books... The 4th one "Breaking Dawn" was far above the others. I would put it up there with the best books I've read... not the best, but very well written, very developed characters, intriguing story line with many twist and turns... More real, less church prattle... and less Tween... The characters are seniors and they act/ behave more like adults.

Too bad it took three books before to get it right... and too bad there is not a 5th book to continue the story... I am not a fan of lets tell it all over again from another view...

So I send a heart felt thank you to Mrs. Meyer... I did not think you would break your LDS mold, but am very pleased that you did.

Well, Done!


Rebecca at the Well said...

I'm going to Forks and La Push Beach!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!

Rebecca at the Well said...


Do you want me to bring you something from WA? I was thinking maybe a rock from LaPush beach :D

You can keep the Vamps I run with werewolves !!! :D

So excited!!

Rebecca at the Well said...

La Push Beach near Forks Washington is Friggen COLD!!!!!
Although I saw a sea lion inthe water near shore.

Rebecca at the Well said...

Did you get the post card I sent you from Forks???