Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well there seems to be another fight that brings out the big bucks from corporate America... Health Care Reform and their fear that their profits will be limited by the voters and the government.

Sure countries like England and Canada have had free health care systems for many years now and neither are as in debit as our own country... And their people are living longer average lives... but that is played down you know.

My question is how many Americans have put off or just not gone to the doctor just because they did not have the money for either the visit or the medicine...or both?

So who's interest is being served here with this political debate?

  • Tax payers? (who have to provide free medical to the poor anyway... a hospital can not refuse anyone that can not pay, so tax payers are already picking up that tab... That would be a big NO.
  • The Poor? Already said they are getting free health care already...another big NO.
  • Corporate America? Yes... Drug companies set their own prices and the better the new drug is the more you will pay for it.
  • Insurance Companies? Another Yes... Working class Americans have to pay into a policy so they can afford doctors visits and drugs with low Co-pay options.

It is very interesting that during a time when ever company is cutting back and spending less that these two industries are increasing the amount of money they are spending on lobbyist to kill just a reform bill...

So why are so many working class Americans supporting people that year after year take more money out of their pockets? That do not what them to support this reform...

It takes a lot of lobbyist to convince you that FREE is a bad thing... That peace of mind is knowing I only have a 500-5000 dollar deductible if I am sick...

One more reason to move to England.

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