Monday, October 26, 2009

Ok... enough is enough. There comes a point when you can not be demotivated any more than you already are demotivated. Yes... I am getting up on my soap box right now. Work more, earn less, and by the way we are cutting your benefits that we missed last year. That sums up the memo that went out today. I really like the way the word stakeholder is used... it does not mean employee... maybe the word shareholder should have been used because that is after all the only meaning that fits. Someone once said that if you did not sell a room you lost that revenue forever... profit is the same as that room. If you did not make it, guess what! You are not going to make it up, by running your managers, staff, and properties into the ground... Smart property owners like the Marriott Marquis and Hilton downtown know that you use this time to beat your competition by improving your product. Both complete full renovations during this down turn and now compare their occupancy and rates to their competitors... I really hate when smart people act dumb. When are they going to stop crying over spilt milk and get back to milking the cows? That is what happens when those leading only listen to the negative, like FoxNews (now the gloom and Doom network) They miss the opportunities that exist. This is a time of GREAT opportunities...and I think I am going to take advantage of two of them myself. For me it is time to stop investing my time, skills, resources, and services in a company that has forgotten how to provide service to itself.