Monday, January 04, 2010

Well another day and another soap box. Last month I visited my Father in the small town where I grew up... I have to say that FOX news has a strong following there. Everyone watches and believes everything that they broadcast... It was like stepping back into the 1950's and not the "Happy Days" 50's either.

It was very sad to see the poisoning of America by a channel that has made it a personal mission to undermine not only the President but the entire economy of our country just to settle a score... You know I would not go to a bullies house either, so who was surprised that after bashing him for 6 months he would not give your channel an interview? I was not surprised.

So now you preach doom and gloom from you electronic pulpit and call it fair and balanced. You play on the fears of the under educated that things are only going to get worst while shooting down anyone that points out that things are actually getting better... in some places a lot better. Fears is your weapon and if you can not keep your viewers afraid you loose the power to control them.

My Father watches Fox News like he is at a tent revival. Totally believing every word, taking opinions as facts, and most in his small town do the same. The writing is on the wall and it will be very interesting to see how Fox News handles the overwhelming hate for them when the economic recovery that is happening no matter how much they insist it is not finally reaches all the small American towns and people like my Father realize that the channel has been pulling the "wool" over their eyes. It will be ugly I am sure.

We may start see more of these type of notices popping up... Well they are bringing it on themselves.

It will not be too soon for me.