Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, it has been awhile since I last ranted... I mean blogged. That must be a sign that life is good, well it is better than it was. So this will be a quick update. Since no one really reads these, it's just a form of self therapy. So first, health issues. Yes I have health issues. Second... Ok I'll fill in a few more details if only for myself. One year ago: blood pressure was too high, cholesterol was way too high, fat in my blood was at lard levels, glucose levels were at diabetic levels, and I had a tooth break off while eating a very soft muffin. Dr. Greco, put me on Simcor for the cholesterol, diet for the weight and sugar, exercise and aspirin therapy for the blood pressure and Dr Ulsmen fixed my back moler with a crown... Six months ago: levels only slightly better... Dr Greco told me that if I did not take the treatment seriously I would be on an operating table with my chest cracked open...if I was lucky and that my family history did not indicate I would be that lucky... He called me a ticking time bomb for a heart attack or stroke... Of the fatal kind. It was a wake up call. I joined a gym and started doing cardio two, then three times a week, and taking my Meds regularly and cut out the sugary snakes...that I'd been having all day long. I was scared. My dear friend Becky had just had open heart surgery... And it all reminded me that Mom passed of a massive heart attack... Dad passed out and was diagnosed in the hospital with Diabetes... And high blood pressure too... So my family history was all coming together and it was not painting a rosey picture for me. This month: lab results in... Blood pressure normal, sugar normal, fat in my blood... Dropped from 2900 to 1400... While better my cholesterol is still on on the high side so Dr. Greco upped my dose of Simcor.... And I had a cracked molar that just got fitted for another crown. So, out of the woods...yes. Time to rest... No. Still have to get in better shape if I want to see 80 so I will continue doing better.

Other updates to come maybe a rant too. I'm going to head out and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.


Popcorn Addict said...

Glad to hear you are well on your way to getting healthy...if you need a buddy in the exercise room in Indianapolis holar!

Rebecca at the Well said...

I wish I could go to a gym. I am so glad that you are getting things under control. To add to your blog (which I do read :P) dorothy Liberty died today from a massive heart attack. People are dropping all around us of the same age and even younger. Carry on!!